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How to get yourself out of fear and into action

Updated: May 2, 2019

To-do lists have always been a go-to way of getting things done and staying organized but there are always a few things that seem to take up residence on there and hardly ever get checked off. I don’t know about you guys but these tenants start to have a harassing voice to them after a while and start giving me crap for having not accomplished them. Then it gets personal. The criticism turns inward and starts attacking me as a person.

What if I told you there were emotions that can help counteract fear the most? If you knew what those emotions were, you could put yourself in a situation that will cause that helpful emotion to emerge and start to diminish the fear and get you back on track!

This weekend I was trying to tackle some of the tenants on my to-do list and see if I could evict them. I always put off doing writing and working on creative stuff. I found myself getting easily distracted between multiple things I was trying to work on at the same time. I couldn’t decide what I should work on first so I just kind of spun my wheels on all of them – just tinkering away but not actually feeling like I got anywhere or accomplished anything. I started getting confused about where I was going with it and started to hear my thoughts shift to that harassing voice – You don’t even know what you are doing. No one is going to like any of this so why even try. You can’t keep any of this together. I then started to feel that overwhelmed feeling creeping in.

Before I recognized what emotions were at play, I had to rely on either riding the emotion out, finding a treat or hoping that I would be able to come up with some sort of positive thought that would be a bit more compassionate and helpful. I don’t know about you guys but it is quite difficult to challenge your thoughts when you’re in the heat of the moment and sometimes I get more frustrated when I run to food. If I can’t shift where I’m at and just keep soaking in that overwhelm and disappointment it can totally ruin my day.

So I created a little cheat sheet of emotions that will help you identify what you have going on and see what emotion you need to channel in order to flip it around. This is helpful in two ways:

1. Identifying your emotions can calm your brain down because it feels like it understands what’s going on a bit better when it has a word that fits it, not just something you are feeling in your body.

2. Giving yourself something to do to change the feeling seems doable and gives you almost immediate benefit.

Makes me think of the money loan commercials – I want it and I want it now! After realizing what emotions I was experiencing and what other emotions I needed to show up, I was able to redirect myself by doing something different that will bring about a shift in all that negativity. Just what I need to keep focused on tasks for work, keep participating with my kids, or not add to negative body image with guilt about food. Win win!

The day I was just spinning my wheels, I checked my sheet and totally related to inadequate and overwhelmed. The emotions that stuck out to me to balance those out included confident… and cozy sounded pretty nice too. So you know what I did? I made some hot coffee and cleaned and reorganized my pantry. I set the timer because I didn’t want to overdo it so I gave myself 20 minutes to do a section of it. When that timer beeped I finished way more than I thought I would and I felt so good about how it turned out that it definitely boosted my confidence. I was able to go back to my writing and finish this blog post! Woot woot!

If this is sounding good to you and you are thinking I want it Rachael, I want it now!, check out my link to get your FREE download of my Emotions sheet and a small worksheet to help yourself work through some ideas of things to do that can help you channel them.

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