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How do you handle your kids' chaos?

One Monday I decided to look up the definition of chaos.

Chaos = complete disorder and confusion, behavior so unpredictable as to appear random, owing to great sensitivity to small changes in conditions.

I’m pretty sure they could replace the word chaos with parenting children. Most kids – whether you have well-behaved kids or a bit wild – they all bring us to a point where you feel like your house is complete disorder and confusion – or you feel in complete disorder and confused. I think every one of us could come up with an example (or eight) of when you have felt this way.

What would you think if I told you that by taking the following quiz you will learn what it is that you are doing that might lead to feeling more chaotic in the house and give you some encouragement of how what you are doing is working sometimes too!?

When I think about a time of chaos in my house, I can also think about how most of the time when I’m in it I’m trying to come up with a way to make it end or solve it and if I can’t, then my frustration or stress builds. Before I know it, I’m snapping at the kids and they are all giving me blank stares like I’m some sort of crazy person.

After taking the quiz and realizing what my default parenting style is I was able to set myself up for success by recognizing where that style benefits me and where it can cause more harm than good.

In the quiz, you will get one of four parenting styles:

1. The Philosopher

2. The Passionista

3. The Research Guru

4. The Disengaged

I think different situations can cause me to use a different default but I was not surprised at all what my usual go-to was. Emotions can contribute a lot to what style we use also because some emotions cause us to get stuck on them because we don't like them and others cause us to act quickly to get away from them or investigate them. I would love to know if you felt like your result was fitting.

Stay tuned for some tips on how to use your style more effectively and how to channel the other styles in certain situations that would benefit most from it!

Until next time...

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