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Connect to the present by being a TV host

Did that grab your attention?!

Well sorry to break it to you but this post is not about becoming a TV host. Don't get me wrong though. When I was growing up I was all about cooking shows even though we only had regular tv (no cable). During the summer I would get up and watch Martha Stewart with my mom. This began a long love of creating a restaurant in our kitchen and creating menus with our Beauty and the Beast program on our massive desktop computer.

When I wasn't busy serving grapes and sandwiches to my patrons, I would give live demonstrations. It would typically be cooking spaghetti, mac and cheese, or chocolate chip cookies. Not only would I strive to look up at the "camera" but I would also have to give a play by play of what I was doing.

I don't know if any of you have ever tried this, but if you haven't then maybe you've watched Next Food Network Star to see how difficult this can actually be! Not only do you have to narrate what you are doing but you also need to come up with filler dialogue because there is only so much you can say when boiling water.

Cooking is a very mindful act for me. I try to keep my entire focus on what I'm doing so I don't miss a step or ingredient. Sometimes I will even try to memorize the ingredients list in chunks and keep going over them in my head to push for even more focus. Our pantry is not directly in the kitchen so I will try and memorize all the herbs I need and then go over there and see if I can remember all that I need to grab.

Experienced tip! Don't harass yourself if you forget an ingredient. Simply go back to your recipe, check the ingredients, and grab what you missed. No need to judge yourself harshly just for not remembering to grab an herb.

Mindfulness is such an important and forgotten skill. The struggle to focus is rising and causes an additional struggle of being able to regulate one's emotions. So if you are feeling scattered, pressed for time, disconnected, and maybe even too fearful to spend time with your own thoughts, then mindfulness might be the perfect fit for you!

Paying attention to detail in the moment and putting a lot of focus on the present is a great place to start and gain confidence. As you improve your ability to maintain focus, then you can add more time and possibly even add meditating or some guided imagery. I know you are waiting to hear the benefits, so here they are:

1. Increase productivity

2. Increase efficiency

3. Stress relief

4. Increase ability to regulate emotions

5. Insight and wisdom about yourself

6. Increase contentment and tranquility

So maybe tonight, while you're cooking dinner. Give yourself a laugh and narrate what you are doing in order to calm your thinking down and give yourself some relief... and probably a good laugh.

I would love to hear about it if you tried! Stay tuned to hear about how I love using cauliflower and broccoli for mindfulness and stress relief :)

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