ONE:ONE Services

Partnering Together

Working alongside you to help you feel unshakeable in emotional moments - because who likes feeling emotional in front of others when they don't want to be!  Also finding ways to minimize your stress so you can get out of your head and into the moment.  One:One is catered to you in order to coach you to your goal.


Hey there!


I'm Rachael and I walk alongside those who are on the adventure of adulthood.  I have been working with this population for 10 years in my private practice as a Licensed Professional Counselor and really felt led that there had to be a better way to serve this population.  Life is busy and time is short so I wanted to help adults and families on the go have the support they need without feeling like they have to fit in one more thing.  I specialize in providing information about ways to manage the uncomfortable emotions that always seem to sneak into the mix.  I also provide specialized tracks in addition, that include things like practical parenting and food and body struggles.


One:One services

What can I expect?


Video learning

Fit it in wherever/whenever

You will have access to some of the course material that will help you progress toward thriving in your adulthood.  There are short videos to help further understanding that you can listen to while on your lunch break, unwinding before bed, waiting at soccer practice or in the pick up line!

Specialized Care

Catered to you

We will get to know each other and find the best method of approach to help you understand yourself better as well as how to grow and thrive in the other relationships in your life as well.  You will be given measurable goals to work toward with the encouragement and support from working one on one together to stay motivated and not lose momentum.

1-on-1 Session

Dedicated to You

We work together to find time where we can touch base every week in order to maximize what you are learning and trying to put into practice at home.  I coach you through any issues that may have arose and celebrate the successes you are having as well!

One:One is a great option for you if you like the idea of making your way from surviving to thriving with a coach to keep you moving and answer questions along the way.  If you like the camaraderie of working with someone to achieve your goals and feel pushing through lessons leaves you feeling like you want more, than this is an excellent option.  Many have pursued the idea of therapy because they like the idea of establishing a relationship to work through something specific, but don't actually have a mental issue to work through, then a one:one coach is what you are looking for!