Feel Better - Starting Today

Brave wholeheartedly you.

It demands emotional and physical stamina, discipline, and energy to leave your comfort zone.  We discover your strengths and cultivate a bravery mindset to help you finally make those changes happen!  Once those changes occur, your bravery ripples to relationships outside of yourself as well - friends, family, kids, significant other, and food :)


You are a hard-worker.

When you are at work, you give it your all.  When you are at home, you do your best at housekeeping, raising kids, being a partner, and staying connected with friends and family. 

But sometimes you feel off.  It's not effecting you in all areas, or maybe not even noticeable in any area.  You have realized that you don't feel present.  Sort of detached.

It's like your emotions are all over the place and numb at the same time.

You are overthinking everything but couldn't actually pinpoint what you are thinking about.

Sometimes, we realize what we used to do to deal with stress isn't working anymore! 

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You've got a big heart and

a problem solvers mindset

There are so many reasons you chose to start your life and direct it they way you have chosen and you may have been dreaming about it for

as long as you can remember.  

You are definitely not short on all the pins, podcasts, and blog posts to help you make it actually look how you imagined.

But when it comes to trying out some ideas or putting some skills into practice it doesn't go quite right and overwhelms you more than you already were.

It's no secret the internet has a wealth of information to assist in almost every way possible yet finding what fits best for you is downright confusing and exhausting sometimes.

Well, you have found a place that is going to give you the help you need without the overwhelm, confusion, and information overload.  So grab that cute notebook you got at Target and some coffee and let's do this together - finding some great, simple solutions that will bring relief, confidence, and understanding right away!



You have accumulated a plethora of skills and are doing life... but is this all there is?  Is this as good as it's going to get?  You may feel like you are struggling to trust yourself and the choices you make.  All the coping skills out there give you tools but for some reason they don't feel like they were quite made for you or you aren't using them to their full potential.   You might be finding that it's easier to zone out to that new favorite Netflix show, find the next best Pin for that tasty meal, or get lost in that delicious bag of Cheetos or Oreos.

You realize this can't be as good as it gets, is it?!  You imagined this adulting thing being better and started wondering if there was more out there - is it possible to feel more fulfilled in this role?


Work with Rachael and find the ways that will help you reach those goals 



You have the opportunity to gain that confidence and understanding in a variety of ways - whether one on one support, courses you can find time and pace yourself through, or a support group that will give you more accountability and support to stay on track with your investment.


ONE:ONE Services

Partnering Together

Working alongside you to help find out how best to incorporate some of the most fitting and useful ways to find relief and assurance about yourself while also helping you rediscover who you are and how you can bring that person back and let her SHINE in your life as an unshakeable employee, friend, parent, and partner.

Self-paced Courses

Motivated transformation

Working through bite-sized chunks of information about becoming unshakeable in the emotional chaos of your chosen category - Parenting, relationships, food, and work.  With short videos, helpful worksheets, and printable cheat sheets you will gain helpful tips and hacks to control your own uncomfortable emotions in your everyday life so you will start feeling more content, confident, and connected.

Group Course

Paced Accountability

A nice balance of gaining the information from the course while also being part of a group that keeps you on pace and accountable to make the most of your investment.  With weekly released videos and worksheets, co-working calls, and open office hours for questions this option is beneficial for many to keep on track.

Time to start facing those emotions and handling them
like a champ!

You're sick of feeling like a failure and that you are never going to get things right.

You feel like you are under the thumb of uncomfortable emotions -- like STRESS, disappointment, GUILT, shame, and loneliness.

You need a way of dealing with all the emotions that come with not only being an adult.  

You need a way to cut through the crap and figure out what really matters and what you need to pay attention to!

You are READY for a system that will help create confidence where it used to be or may have never been.

It's time to get informed on what's normal and what's not based on how our brain and body works and emotions contribute and derail us.

It's time to get inspired to look inward and see what you are made of!  What is working well, what crap do you need to own up to, and what can you build on that you already possess some of.

It's time to get influenced to finally take action and put logic to the test in order to battle anxiety and stress, eating your feelings, low self-esteem, and fear of not being good enough and failing which all result in low confidence!   

You will build that confidence by recognizing what is necessary and what isn't!  Time to find the strategy that works for you and fits right.

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The Answers You Need


How will I know if this is right for me?

If you are ready to push harder and deeper than just looking for some skills or how-to, then this might be the place for you.

If you have thought of going to therapy for some extra support but weren't sure how to find the time or were unsure about talking with a stranger, then this is the place for you.  (This is not the right place if you are looking for treatment for a clinically diagnosed mental condition but can offer support for many things you may seek from an expert).

If you learn best by putting an idea into action and getting creative to better understand something, then this is the place for you.

If you like being prepared for what's to come and feel in control of your uncomfortable emotions, this... This is the place for you.  


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