Group Course

Paced Accountability

A nice balance of gaining the information from the course while also being part of a group that keeps you on pace and accountable to make the most of your investment.  With weekly released videos and worksheets, co-working calls, and open office hours for questions this option is beneficial for many to keep on track.


Internally Controlled

Group Course

This course is a 12 week course that is paced for you.  It includes all the individual courses in one bundle. 

  • Month one: What's normal and What's not.  You will gain information about child development and the major goals they are trying to achieve.  You will also get more in depth information about mental, social, sexual, and relational development.

  • Month Two: Facing little Giants.  Here we focus on the emotional development of your child and of yourself.  We discuss the common emotional triggers from our kids and ways we can keep ourselves regulated and respond to help them regulate also.

  • Month Three: Logicalizing Life.  We shift to recognizing some of the beliefs about ourselves and how we saw our family life and what is helping and what is harmful.  We discuss ways to shift the mindset to one that will help us increase in confidence and boost compassion.


Weekly Lesson Drop

Paced for success

With weekly lessons dropping every week, it gives you the bite-sized chunk to work through that week - whether that be information about a specific type of development your kid is going through or something to challenge yourself with for the week.  It also comes with a printable pdf so you can ponder over it later!


Office Hours

Support  on the go

After watching or listening to a lesson and then thinking through it a few days, you may realize you need a little extra help putting it together, need to hear it worded a different way, or need the encouragement you aren't quite getting from your inner circle - whatever it may be, pop on in and ask away.


Co-working call

Optional Group learn

Group work has never been a favorite of mine, but in our intimate group sizes you will have the opportunity to bring up specific situations you are curious about, need to vent about, or are hoping for encouragement about.  Whether it be about your parenting journey or Your personal journey of ungarbing the trench coat - we are here for you! 

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